Hello SOAR Camp 2021!

It has been a difficult spring as we shelter in place, having to intentionally avoid being with one another.  I longingly look forward to joining family and friends in big and little life celebrations when this is over for us.

I have also been waiting and watching the determinations of the CDC, the American Camp Association and a host of other experts to make a clear decision about SOAR Camp 2020.  It is with great disappointment that I am writing today to tell you that SOAR Camp 2020 has been cancelled.  Yesterday, the camp that I rent for our SOAR week made the difficult decision to suspend all of their summer programming due to the uncertainties of COVID-19.  I appreciate their decision and was grateful that I did not have to make this decision myself.  I know how sad and disappointed the campers will be about this.  But the greatest concern is for the safety and well-being of all people involved in the camp including the kids, staff, and all of our volunteer instructors.

This is certainly not the summer we were hoping for and I wish it could be different.

In the meantime, planning has started for SOAR Camp 2021!  I look forward to making plans with all the instructors and campers for a wonderful year.  Perhaps better than ever because of all of the planning time!

Stay safe everyone!


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