S.O.A.R. Camp in the time of COVID

I just had a meeting with a couple of Crossways staff. We had an opportunity to talk about what camp will look like with COVID protocols in place for the summer. I want to share that conversation with you. Yes, camp will be different, but there is no doubt about it being GREAT! First of all , we are all going to have to talk in broad conversations right now and as we get closer to summer the conversations and information will be much more specific. I will try to be as clear as I can as we move forward and get closer to camp time. Second, the camp is basing (and will continue to base) their protocols off of the Department of Health, American Camp Association and the health inspector. As a renter of this camp, SOAR will be using their guidelines. Third, cabin size will be limited (and smaller than years past) to accommodate the guidelines of 6 feet between campers. Our daytime cohort groups will also be limited to the cabin groups to avoid bigger groupings or mixed groupings. Fourth, there will be no group campfires at night (I’m most sad about this one…) but they are planning different activities for the cohort groups. And fifth, masks will need to be worn at times during the day. More specific information will come on these protocols as we get closer to the time. I’m sure that you will have more questions, but these are the ones that I can answer now. Stay tuned…

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