New Openings Available for SOAR Camp 2023

As families are adjusting their summer schedules and finding out about their children’s lesson schedules we have some shifting that happens. There are currently two openings at both the Elementary and Middle level camps. If you are interested in registering your child for SOAR camp feel free to do so. Your letter of recommendation can follow the registration application later if you cannot get a letter immediately. Deposits can be made via Venmo or a check can be sent to hold your place. As always, if you have questions, feel free to reach out after you have had an opportunity to read through the website information.

SOAR Camp nearing capacity!

Help spread the word! We have one opening available for an elementary girl. There are two openings in the middle school level camp for either boys or girls. If you are interested in SOAR Camp for your child, please register soon. The letter of recommendation can follow. You will be added to a waiting list if your registration comes in after we are full. There is no need to send a deposit if you are on the waiting list.

Warm July Thoughts on a Cold January Day

Believe it or not, our sunny summer camp is right around the corner. The registrations for SOAR Camp are coming in nicely and both camps are over half full. I know it seems as though summer is a long way off, but camp will fill soon. If you have any questions at all after reading through the website, please reach out. We are happy to have conversations with parents (and kids) about camp.

Stay warm!


SOAR Camp 2023!

SOAR Camp has dates for summer 2023. Mark your calendars! Middle school will be a full week for 6-8th graders from July 23-28th, 2023. The elementary will be a half week camp for 3-5th grade from July 30- August 2nd, 2023.  Camp registrations are based on the camper’s current grade. 

SOAR Camp is looking for help. All administrative, organizational and instruction time is donated by volunteers who understand and enjoy working with gifted youth. We need instructors, emotional support folks, financial support and people to get the word out. We welcome your help and we welcome suggestions if you know of others that we should contact. Please reach out with your thoughts. 
And finally, SOAR Camper openings fill quickly so we wanted to give you an opportunity to act now if you choose. Registration for camp this year will open in early January! That’s earlier than ever. The campers will need a letter of recommendation from a teacher to go along with their registration form. The letter is usually the part that slows the process down a bit as teachers are so busy these days. It would be helpful to let them know now that you will need a letter of support in early January.