SOAR Update!

I am able to open another elementary girls’ cabin! That means that the female campers on the waiting list will all get in and I still have a couple of openings left then for 3-5th grade girls. In addition, I have a couple of openings for 3-5th grade boys and 6-8th grade girls. Unfortunately, the 6-8th grade boys have a waiting list yet, but you are still welcome to register for camp. If openings occur, campers will be added in the order that their registrations were received.

Camp Registration Update

We no longer have openings for elementary girls and middle school boys. Waiting lists have been started for both of those groups. Please feel free to register anyway, as some folks have plans change or we may be able to open other cabins. In the event of additional openings, we will add campers off of the waiting list in the order that we receive their registrations. We have a couple of places left for elementary boys and middle school girls at this point. Do not feel like you have to wait for a letter of recommendation in order to register for camp. That can be sent after registration. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out with them.

Camp Registration Update

We are quickly approaching capacity for both the elementary and middle school level camps, for both boys and girls. If you are interested in having your child attend camp now is the time to register and send in your deposit. (We have Venmo!) We will start our wait list for campers as soon as each group is filled. We are thrilled about the instructors we have for this summer! Stay tuned…

We have Venmo!

It’s great to see the registrations coming in for summer camp 2022! It always makes it feel much more real when we have the names of our campers.

If you would like to pay through Venmo, send me an email and I will give you that information. Otherwise, a check through the mail works perfectly well too.


Registration is OPEN

We are delighted to announce that registration is open for SOAR Camp 2022! Please find all of the necessary information and forms right here on this website! Feel free to spend some time on the website and if you still have questions feel free to contact us!

SOAR Camp 2022

Final details are being worked out for SOAR Summer Camp 2022 and will be released soon. Students currently in grades 6-8th will have camp July 24-29th. Students currently in grades 3-5th will have camp July 31- August 3rd. I just wanted to give you a firm set of dates prior to sending out the camp registrations in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! ~Cathy

July 1, 2021 Update

Less than a month to go before the SOAR middle level camp! And one month until the elementary camp! We are so delighted with how things are shaping up! This is just a friendly reminder that all camp paperwork and final payments are due soon. Please make sure that all forms make it to the Waypost address on the paperwork. Final payments need to be directed to Cathy Schmit. Please carefully follow the directions on the paperwork.

The instructors and counselors are ready to go! Be ready for an amazing time at SOAR Camp 2021!

See you soon!

Camp Update

I just want to make sure that folks know that both SOAR Camps for summer 2021 are completely full (with a long waiting list). We are no longer taking applications, even for the waiting list. This clearly tells us there is a need for such a camp for our gifted kids here in Wisconsin! We wish we could take all those that desire the opportunity!

Children on the waiting list will be notified as we get closer to the time of camp if there are available openings left from currently registered campers having a change of plans.

Final camp forms and final payment information will be coming out before the end of May.

Stay tuned…