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1.  Q:  My child has certain dietary restrictions.  Can you accommodate that?
     A:  Yes.  Waypost will do their best to accommodate each camper’s dietary needs.
2.  Q:  My child has never been away from home before.  Is this a problem?
     A:  For many of our campers this is their first time away from home.  The counselors  are well trained and experts in helping the campers get through the nervousness of the first day or two.
3.  Q:  Can I please see the hour by hour schedule for the week?
     A:  We do not share out the schedule in advanced of the camp.  We learned that too often campers see something that they think they might not want to do and worry about it needlessly.  The reality is… camp is different enough and the experiences are different enough from school that the campers learn to enjoy things they never thought they would.
4.  Q:  Can we visit our child at camp?
     A:  No.  It is not a good idea because it interferes with the relationship building that is going on at camp.  On the final day of camp we have a visitation time for the parents to come and see what the campers have done all week.  We will post pictures to our Facebook page for you to have a sneak peak during the week.
5.  Q:  Does my child have to swim?
      A:  No.  If a camper does not want to swim they do not have to.
6.  Q:  If my child is completing 6th grade which camp would he attend?
     A:  The camps are based on the grade that your child is completing.  A current 6th grader will go with the younger group because we rolled the registrations over from summer 2020.
7.  Q:  Do the boys and girls stay in separate cabins?
     A:  Yes, absolutely.  The campers are in a cabin group for the week and each cabin group has their own      counselor that stays right in the cabin with them at night.
Please feel free to contact us with additional questions.  We want you to be comfortable with all things SOAR related.
We will update this page if there are additional repeat questions.