501(c) 3- Hooray! Non-profit status!

As of today we are officially a non-profit camp in the eyes of the IRS!  We will not need to pay tax on the payment to the camp or any of our materials.  This will save us nearly $1000.00.  That is scholarship money for almost two additional kids to go to camp!

And… our new logo is ready to share!  Jacob Moeller, a very gifted marketing student, has designed it for us!   It’s a great day!


The Adventure Continues!

SOAR Camp: A summer opportunity with Advanced Rigor was originally just for gifted learners in 6-8th grade.  We have expanded to include another week made just for students completing 3-5th grade.

“Being at camp SOAR was such a great experience! The counselors were caring and fun, and I loved getting to socialize with other gifted kids. Camp games were pretty lit!”                   ~SOAR Camper


“All of us loved it so much! Please do it again and again!”-

~SOAR Camper