SOAR Camp 2023

SOAR is a program designed to provide an opportunity for gifted students to experience a “traditional” summer camp while exploring new talents and deepening their understanding of themselves. We seek to provide a camp experience that more closely resembles a “traditional” camp, and it has become the only such camp of its kind in Wisconsin. While there are other summer programs for gifted and talented young people, typically based at universities that are excellent and of the highest quality, we believe there is something to be gained from experiencing camp at… well… camp.  

SOAR aims to not only offer the same high quality programming found at typical gifted summer programs, but also to provide the opportunity for gifted learners to be challenged both academically and intellectually while experiencing the joys and benefits that come with summer camp. 

  • Building social skills and forming new, lasting friendships through team building exercises and staying in cabins
  • Learning about nature and becoming comfortable in the outdoors
  • Challenging themselves to try new things in a structured setting
  • Developing grit, the ability to endure hard things with courage
  • Becoming more comfortable with personal skills and talents while engaging with other talented young people

At SOAR Camp we encourage students to engage with one another in meaningful ways that are not typically found in school programs. We strive to equip campers with tools to succeed as gifted young people, to advocate for themselves, and to simply have fun being who they are!